ECO ZYME is a concentrated multi-enzyme solution, detergent specific for automatic instrument washers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dental practies and veterinarians. Thanks to the presence of antioxidants, it has no corrosive characteristics. ECO ZYME is supplied in 2500 ml tanks.


ECOSTERIL-F PLUS is a high-level disinfectant solution, decontaminating, anti-depositing and descaling, indicated for the treatment of endoscopes using automatic instrument-washers in a sanitary environment.


The main features are the following:

Based on peracetic acid (active oxygen), Minimal toxicity, Full spectrum of biocidal activity, Rapidity of action in cold (15 minutes), Desincrusting action, Biocidal activity also on biofilms, Acetic acid prevents the formation of deposits on medical-surgical instruments, Biodegradability, Efficacy has been tested according to DIN EN 14885 Standard.