Your Essential Solution for Impeccable Endoscope Hygiene!

Nuova Sb System innovative pre-cleaner is meticulously designed to ensure thorough and effective cleaning of endoscopes before high-level disinfection. Engineered with precision and backed by expertise, Endoscope Pre-cleaner offers peace of mind by enhancing the safety and reliability of your endoscopic procedures. Trust in Gandy Endoscope Pre-cleaner for every endoscope cleaning routine, safeguarding patient care and procedural excellence.


Discover the ultimate in endoscope Pre-cleaning technology with Gandy Endoscope Pre-cleaning system. Nuova SB System sets new standards and here’s why it stands out:

• Seamless Integration : Effortlessly connect using personalized fittings compatible with washer-disinfectors, streaming workflow and enhancingconvenience.
• Precision Dosing : Enjoy automatic detergent dosing ensuring optimal cleaning every time without waste of chemical agent.
• Durable: Featuring removable, autoclavable and sterilizable tubes that maintain durability, guaranteeing prolonged and reliable use.
• Total Traceability : Benefit from complete traceability with a built-in printer, USB and Ethernet ports, barcode ensuring meticulous tracking and compliance.
• Customizable and Reliable: Conduct leak tests throughout the entire prewash cycle and choose from 5 pre-set programs offering tailored solutions for different needs.
• Intuitive Interface : Navigate effortlessly with a user-friendly 7” control panel providing easy access to settings and functionalities.
• Reliable Control : A robust control system meticulously monitors and regulates device operations ensuring precision and efficiency.
• Alert System: Stay informed with visual and acoustic alarms, promptly signaling any potential malfunctions for immediate attention and resolution. Elevate your endoscope cleaning regimen with Gandy Endoscope Pre-cleaner,Cutting-edge technology ensuring unparalleled
cleanliness and safety for your procedures.