Endoscope Washer and Disinfector

EW Series has drying function for drying the endoscope lumen. These machines have two drying options: air drying or alcohol drying. Compressed air for drying is filtered through 0.2um filter, therefore the clean air avoid the possibility of recontamination of the endoscope.


360° direction washing and disinfection
In the washing chamber the rotating nozzle and arms are capable to make full range clean and disinfection, 360 degrees around the endoscopic surface, while circulating water keeps cleaning and disinfecting the endoscope lumen.
Sterile water final rinsing
After the disinfection, EW Machines uses sterile water, in order to avoid a secondary pollution.
Endoscope lumen booster pump
Thanks to the separate booster pump for endoscopic lumens, the EW Series can make air and water injection, in order to prevent the bacterial biofilm formation.


Automatic door with  foot pedal switch – Automatic adding of chemical additives -Automatic disinfectants sampling function


Automatic door with foot pedal switch
Thanks to the glass doors is easy to observe the cleaning and disinfection process, and thanks to the pedal switch these doors can be opened more easily, for example when hands are not available.
Automatic adding of chemical additives
During the washing and disinfection process, the machine can automatically add chemical additives, such as: enzymes, alcohol and disinfectant.
Automatic disinfectants sampling function
EW Series machines has a disinfectant level sensor, with an user-friendly interface that guarantee an easy monitoring of the disinfectant level.
Automatic charging and discharging function of disinfectant
EW Series has automatic disinfectant charging and discharging functions. The first one consists in adding disinfectant into the washing tank, and starting the charging program; in the second one you can just start the discharging program in order to remove the disinfectant.

The whole process is sealed, to ensure smell isolation of the disinfectant, to maximize the protection of the health of operators.