Nuova SB System Gandy Endoscope Transit System can be used for both short-term storage and transport of endoscopes. They are characterized by different colors to signify clean, patient-ready scopes versus contaminated scopes that need reprocessing in order to PREVENT CROSS-CONTAMI- NATION. Gandy ETS is designed for the storage & safe transport of seven endoscopes.


Gandy Endoscope Transit System (ETS) includes :
• Cart and drawers.
• Usable also without additional baskets.
• Made of stainless steel as an open design which is easy to clean and sterilize.
• Compatible with stainless steel baskets developed and designed by Nuova SB System for “Gandy-Endoscope Treatment Products”.
• Latex free.
• Security lock for Endoscopes protection.

Use with Basket

Use without Basket