• Automatic start and stop.
  • Rotating suspension system.
  • Color-touch screen control panel from 5,7”.
  • Rounded edges that make the product modern, refined and elegant.
  • Tempered glass doors to view storage conditions at any time of endoscopes.
  • Electromagnetic lock with security password and alarmed closure, opened from the operator who has identification badge.
  • Accommodation with vertical storage up to 9 endoscopes.
  • Cold and led light lighting, providing intense light and no heat.
  • Long-term preservation (720 h of maintaining the state of high disinfection).
  • Central positioning of the endoscope with four fixing points in a position to guarantee the perfect seal and stability of stuttgart endoscopes.
  • “Room Clean” function: positive pressure that does not allow external air to enter in the storage unit for the entire duration of the Cabinet operation.


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