For us, training means inspiring methodologies, sharing tools and promoting changes to build behaviors in line with corporate values. We believe in training as: – Investment in the future, because training is not a cost but a long-term benefit – Change, because training is an individual and corporate transformation process – Growth, because the training organizes or reorganizes the work optimally, increases the productivity, highlights new potential.

The Nuova SBSystem is a leading company in the field of Consulting, Corporate Training on issues of safety at work, health, quality, business organization and the innovative sector of Research and Development ensuring quality, competence and flexibility, making use of valid resources and selected external consultants. For companies wishing to pursue a certification and research process, the Formazione represents a competent and qualified partner giving a valid support to the organization.

Over the years we have consolidated our experience in training and consulting for companies and today we are organized nationally. We offer advice and training to increase value of your company, improve the corporate image, increase staff motivation. Our experts support you in benefiting from subsidized measures and contributions (Interprofessional Funds) which finance the creation of customized training aimed to the growth of your human resources.