Filtration systems for hospitals, laboratories, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, household, automotive industries Nuova SBSystem, established in the filtration sector with increasingly specialized, quality products, has an experienced and dynamic team and an organization for technical assistance operating throughout the national territory, successfully developing a line of filter systems.

The broad range of products includes pre-filtration, particle filtration, microbial filtration and sterilizing systems and cartridges; filter containers made both in plastic and steel AISI 316L complete with accessories for maximum performance and service for the customer that relies on our company to safeguard the quality and safety of products.

We offer filter cartridges in activated carbon, wire wound, polypropylene or pleated in various materials and sizes.

We have highly experienced team of technical experts to help customers select the best performing and most cost effective filter for their particular application.

Please contact us to arrange for an initial assessment and on-site trial Specific Data of Filters, Capsule, Housings and Accessories are available in a separate files.

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