We offer training courses:

Efficiency and Energy saving.

Traditional and Alternative Energy sources.

Energy Management policies.


Facilitations and Deductions.


The courses and lessons are held by professional technicians, with a consolidated experience in the sector.

These courses are intended for:

Company Managers, Energy Managers, Architect, Engineers, Designers, Installers, Freelancers.

The provision methods are customizable in relation with specific needs, according to a different demands with the creation of a detailed program, also in the format of coaching and training on the job.


We help customers live and manage safety in the company as an opportunity for improvement. These are our main services, which can be provided individually to respond to the needs of companies of all sizes. If you are interested in delegating the complete management of security in the company, you will have to appoint an External HSM, who is a professional, expert and up-to-date on safety matters, able to manage all aspects concerning the maintenance and improvement of safety and health in different workplaces.


The role of the “Health and Safety Manager” (HSM) is covered by a professional, security expert, and appointed by the employer to manage all aspects concerning the maintenance and improvement of safety, and health, in different workplaces. The appointment of the HSM is mandatory in every company: this role can be performed by the employer, by an internal resource of the company or third party firm. The tasks of the HSM are:
● Verification of the adequacy of work equipment and safety systems.
● Preparation of the Risk Assessment Report and related updates.
● The assignment must necessarily be renewed annually.
● Organization of the prevention and protection service.
● Definition of the work program.
● Company internal inspections.


The Nuova SBSystem, aware of the importance of experimental analysis for development and the improvement of new products and processes, offers a professional service aimed at the needs of Research, Development and Analysis of Materials. Every day, the Nuova SBSystem analyzes, studies and faces development projects in the sector of Plastics. It has a laboratory for analysis and tests on plastic materials and additives and can support the customer in the development of analytical methods for characterization and the control of raw materials and finished products. In general, the Nuova SBSystem offers: – Development and implementation of simple and complex projects for the development of new materials and processes – Quality control of raw materials and finished products – Organization of research and technological development projects – Design and organization of analysis and research laboratories in collaboration with leading companies in the sector – Training of technical personnel – Technical assistance on instrumentation – Laboratory analysis.